With love and passion, &dear started to work on various projects related to the conservation of nature and animals, as well as working hand-in-hand with other organizations. &dear mainly works with illustration, murals and upcycle installations. Through these creations, &dear hopes to raise public awareness regarding nature and wildlife in order to spread love and respect for our environment.

藝術團體 &dear,本著對大自然的關注及動物的熱愛,透過多類型的作品分享動物的資訊,亦與不同機構合作推廣環境保育。&dear 主要透過插畫、壁畫及升級循環等藝術創作,希望提升大眾對動物及環境的關注及認識,從而推動大眾珍惜及尊重我們的大自然。

what we enjoy doing:
​​about A Yin & Water Jai

here is always a lot going on in A Yin’s mind but it is hard to tell by his facial expressions. he usually keeps his thoughts to himself and he believes actions speaks louder than words. he loves to dress up as different animals, hoping to blend in the group.

playful and mischievous Water Jai has a simple mind; he enjoys meeting new friends and helping others. his body is made of 100% water and is easily affected by the environment around him.

關於阿言 & 水滴仔



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